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Is VPS Hosting Well Suited for E-commerce Websites?

E-commerce has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. The high standards of quality and availability along with a great user experience has allowed e-commerce sites to draw consumers away from the traditional offline-markets towards online stores. This has also set a benchmark for all the newer virtual stores to follow like fast websites, minimal downtimes, top-notch security, and amazing user experience. Therefore, as an e-commerce site owner, choosing the right hosting type is absolutely critical to establish and grow your online store.

There is a wide range of hosting types to choose from with each claiming the best services for all kinds of websites. However, the truth is, that every hosting type has its limitations and benefits. Hence, understanding them can help you choose the best hosting type for your e-commerce website. Today, we will talk about the reasons behind VPS Hosting being a good choice for your e-commerce site.

VPS Hosting

In VPS Hosting, the host creates several virtual servers on a single physical web server. Each has its own dedicated resources like CPU, RAM, storage system, etc. and works in isolation with other virtual servers. Your website is hosted on one such virtual server. Think of it as an optimum blend of Shared and Dedicated Server hosting types. You get the benefits of a Dedicated Server at lower costs since one physical server hosts multiple websites.

VPS Hosting and E-commerce websites

Let’s get one thing clear – e-commerce websites are usually synonymous with high traffic and critical services (considering financial transactions). Depending on the volumes of your e-commerce portal, you need to choose between VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting or a Dedicated Server hosting plan.

USA Based Windows VPS Hosting is well-suited for e-commerce websites which experience low to medium traffic (start-ups or niche-market stores) due to the following reasons:

  • Customization – Whether you are a startup or cater to a small targeted market, in today’s times, you need to offer a unique and memorable site experience to users to be able to carve your space in the market. Therefore, you might need to install specific applications or software. VPS Hosting plans offer you complete root access which allows you to customize the server environment according to your need.
  • Isolated server environment – Since your site has dedicated resources, it functions as a dedicated server. This means that the performance of other websites on your server does not impact your site’s performance. While Dedicated Servers offer the same function, they are costlier than VPS Hosting plans. This allows you to offer uninterrupted services to your site visitors.
  • Scalability of Resources – Search engines and social media platforms are the primary sources of traffic generation for websites today. It is also impossible to predict which product or marketing effort will hit the ‘sweet spot’ and get your website attention. When it does and you suddenly experience a spike in traffic, you need to be ready to handle the increased numbers. On the technical front, this means that you need more resources (RAM, CPU, etc.). Most VPS Hosting plans offer quick and easy scalability of resources to allow you to manage such traffic spikes with ease.

Summing Up

As we mentioned before, choosing the right hosting type depends on the requirements of your e-commerce website. Analyze the traffic, criticality of services/products offered, and several other factors before you decide. Remember, when you are running an e-commerce store, one small mistake can undo months of efforts. Therefore, take all aspects into consideration before opting for a VPS Hosting plan.

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