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Check These Details Before Selecting A Service For Your Website!

Your website is the face of your brand, besides being the core of all marketing and promotional activities. If you are planning to revamp the website or need assistance with SEO and online marketing, you must find a comprehensive service that can handle it all. In this post, we have listed down the facts you need to check before hiring a web design and SEO company in Memphis.

  1. Start with their work. What kind of websites do they design? What are their coding and programming skills? What are their preferred platforms (WordPress, Magento and so on)? Understand their areas of expertise before you select a service. If they deal in marketing work, they should be able to offer a concrete plan for the same.

  1. Look for a responsive service. Once the website has been launched, you may encounter a lot of problems, such as bugs, design issues and other smaller issues, which is often related to the work done on the backend. In such times, you need a company that’s responsive and accessible for all tech problems. In most cases, you may get a month of free tech support, after which you will need to sign a contract for a fixed yearly price.
  2. Ask about their clients. A company that hesitates in offer client references isn’t the ideal choice for your project. Their portfolio is everything, and for obvious reasons, you cannot believe everything they say. Ask for references, so that you can call or email a few to know their personal experience with the service.
  3. Get a comprehensive quote. For website design, a singular estimate is more than enough, but it should clearly mention the inclusions and exclusions. In most cases, hosting, domain, logo and other expenses must be paid separately. For marketing, you need to get a monthly quote, which is the final price payable, based on the strategies included. For example, SEO alone is much cheaper than paid marketing and social media management.

  1. Lastly, seek collaborative work. Regardless of the size of the job, most website development and other related services are meant to be a collaborative effort. The concerned team should take inputs for the project as and when needed, and if they are taking up marketing work, they should offer reports, so that you can track the growth of the website. It is two-way communication that can change things for your brand.

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