Video Conference Equipment

Each week in the United States, around 55 million meetings are held in the business world. These meetings — whether they’re through Zoom or in the conference room — take up a lot of time and resources. When those meetings turn out to be unproductive, it generates a great deal of waste. In fact, 24 billion hours are wasted as the result of unproductive meetings each year. Fortunately, there are new, innovative ways to enhance meeting management and reduce this waste through Artificial Intelligence, or AI. With a wide range of capabilities, AI tools are revolutionizing meetings, improving efficiency and boosting productivity for companies of all shapes and sizes. For instance, AI-enabled technology can be utilized to accurately track attendees’ arrival times, record each person’s contributions and take detailed, accurate notes throughout each session. Not only is this automated recording free from human error, but it also organizes and makes all the meeting’s essential data readily available. Having this advanced video conference equipment at the helm helps streamline conference room management beforehand as well as during the meeting. By analyzing attendees’ availability, AI software can be used to automatically schedule dates and times for upcoming gatherings. All organizers have to do is input the desired timeframe and the program does the work. Such convenience frees up the time that would be spent manually organizing the event for more constructive tasks.

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