Two-thirds of SMBs say omnichannel communication is essential. What’s your plan?

The importance of delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX) cannot be overstated. Customer experience is now more important than price and product as business’s key differentiators. Delivering a strong CX is especially important for small and medium-sized businesses as they aim to compete with megastores and large eCommerce platforms.

To meet customer expectations and deliver the CX consumers expect requires omnichannel communication to reach consumers how and where they engage. As such, omnichannel solutions have become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes.

In a recent survey of US small businesses, 68% of business leaders said access to omnichannel messaging tech was essential for delivering on their customer experience strategy. More than half of those surveyed indicated they plan to incorporate omnichannel communication into their operations in 2023.

What’s your plan?

Challenges in Delivering on Customer Experience Expectations

Customers today expect a nearly instant response to inquiries and a consistent experience across all channels. This can be challenging for small and medium-sized businesses that do not have large customer support teams to manage omnichannel communications.

If a customer sends a text or direct message on any social media platform, they want answers fast. One study found that 40% of consumers expect you to respond within the hour. You must do so to save your business and protect your reputation. Consumers today aren’t shy about calling out companies publicly when they do not get the service they expect.

Customers that need help getting the CX they expect also shop elsewhere. Failing to respond quickly can send customers right to your competitors, and they may never return.

It’s also not uncommon for consumers today to switch between channels. They might start by connecting with a company on social media but follow up via text. When they do, they expect every engagement to be consistent and have access to the correct information to answer their query.

Remember how frustrating it was when you called a company, got transferred, and had to repeat the same information repeatedly? That frustration is magnified in online interactions, where conversations can happen in real-time.

Some businesses may offer chatbots on their website to help customers, and that’s a good idea. However, it won’t help customers if they contact you on Facebook, Instagram, or another social media platform.

Overcoming Challenges and Meeting Customer Demands

Delivering the experience customers want is a challenge. An Accenture study shows that 88% of executives report that their customer expectations are changing faster than they can keep up. Yet, 64% of consumers wish companies could respond even faster.

McKinsey reports that companies that fail to respond are losing customers and experiencing a churn rate that is 15% higher than those that do. Conversely, companies that provide an exceptional customer experience are growing and generating more revenue. Companies that respond to customer requests across platforms are seeing an increase in customer spending between 20% and 40%.

In today’s highly competitive environment, it’s no longer optional. You need an omnichannel communication and eCommerce solution to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Besides managing engagements, an omnichannel marketing strategy also helps you connect with customers to drive revenue. You can deliver a personalized experience using strategies such as:

  • Highlighting discounts and special offers;
  • Automating cart abandonment reminders;
  • Announcing new products;
  • Providing loyalty program rewards.

How Mitto Delivers in Omnichannel Communications

Mitto can provide the omnichannel communication solutions you need to compete effectively and meet customer expectations for CX. Mitto makes it easy to incorporate omnichannel messaging and eCommerce into your business to maximize customer reach, effectively manage interactions, and power your marketing.

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is that customers today communicate across multiple channels, including SMS/text, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other social media and communication platforms. Mitto allows you to monitor every channel simultaneously to provide a fast response.

Mitto also integrates with the most popular CRMs and marketing automation to streamline workflow and ensure you can access the information you need to respond to regardless of which channel your customers use.

Staying on top of everything doesn’t have to be difficult with the right omnichannel messaging solution. With Mitto, you can talk to your customers with a single, easy-to-use dashboard, consolidating your omnichannel messaging into a single platform, no matter how customers interact with you.

Mitto is a leading provider of global, omnichannel solutions that help brands increase their communication and overall customer experience. To learn more, contact Mitto today.

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