Tips To Make An Impressive About Us Page For Your Business Website

A lot of think that it is quite easy to create an About Us page, but this is easier said than performed. Many find it tough to create the right balance between adopting a self-focused approach and selling themselves to customers. Due to this reason, this page is often neglected. Let us see great and easily applicable tips to create an impressive About Us page.

Talk about the audience in place of yourself

It is in human nature to talk about themselves and their problems whenever they get any chance to speak. This is not the strategy that you will be using when creating an About Us Page. Shift your focus from “About Me” to “About You”.

Dedicate the opening sentence to the objectives and challenges of the audience. Website builders are one of the popular website building software that does not require users to have any programming knowledge and skills.

Let the customer does all the talking

It has been seen that whenever customers have to choose any business, they have to base their decision not from what the business talk about it but what its customers have to say about its services. Include a few up-to-date testimonials of customer on the about page.

This will help audience make the right decision. By including the full name of the customer would help in adding credibility to the testimonials. If you can, then include photos of customers. It will definitely assist in building trust in the brand.

Include different types of media

Make efforts to create an About Us page not less than a feast for your audience. To make it captivating, you need to include photos, videos and infographics on it. This will definitely help in capturing the attention of your audience for a lot of time. Headshots of photos of management, while performing any event like fundraising etc. will add character to the brand.

Tell your story

Even if you feel that your brand lacks any compelling story, it does not mean that you can’t create any impressive About Us page. You can yourself portray your journey interesting story by documenting the year of foundation, and images of its progress to what it is now.

Add a human touch to your story that will enhance the chances of viewers to connect to it.  Inclusion of social icons and customer ratings makes your page a lot stronger.


All these ways will definitely help in creating an interesting About Us page for your business.

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