The Digital Landscape Of College Search

With social media apps continuing to dominate most teenagers’ screen times, the college search process has become a competition between institutions to feed potential recruits the best and most convincing content first. The content in which they create is done so in hopes that it will be what pushes a particular student over the edge and convince them to apply and potentially enroll into a particular program. The way in which most of these students are consuming this content is through TikTok. Through this app, colleges can create short videos that can deliver powerful messages. This strategy has proven to be extremely effective, especially with content centered around social elements of the college experience. So much so that many students will become interested in a college visit solely from stories told in these videos. This has become the new way to interest students as a result of the current digital landscape of college searches. To learn more about the ways in which colleges continue to recruit students, investigate the strategies included alongside the resource in this post.

The Digital Landscape Of College Search provided by Encoura, one of the premier choices in enrollment marketing agencies for undergrad programs

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