The Challenges Faced By Modern Video Surveillance Systems

Setting up a proper video surveillance system is one of the easiest and best ways of keeping an eye on surroundings. The entire property can easily be covered with a network of security cameras and the feed can be stored using video recorders. The security cameras have certainly grown a lot over the past few years in terms of security as well as quality. But, there are still many challenges faced by the modern video surveillance systems. Let us see what the challenges faced by the video surveillance systems of today are.

  • Cyber Security:

There is a saying, “Every lock has a key”. Similarly, every encryption algorithm can be decrypted. Although good security camera companies keep NVR backdoor in mind while patching their cameras, there are still vulnerabilities that can be exploited by keen and talented malicious hackers. Therefore, cyber security is one of the major challenges faced by surveillance systems of today. Hikvision, a leading name in the surveillance system market, has many ethical hackers on its job roles to improve cyber security.

  • Camera Resolution:

Surveillance security cameras aren’t really top notch in terms of resolution and clarity. If a camera does step up in terms of these things, the size of the recorded file skyrockets. Therefore, low resolution cameras are used most of the time. As the images aren’t clear, it is difficult to ascertain what is actually taking place in front of the camera and this is a grave challenge for the surveillance systems of today. With Big Data and cloud, this problem has nearly been resolved as high resolution cameras with large file sizes can be stored easily now.

  • Operator Fatigue:

Sometimes, the officers who are monitoring the camera feeds aren’t vigilant enough. This term is known as operator fatigue. As humans are involved, the factor of human error comes into picture. Due to this, many times, suspicious activities aren’t noticed and people get away.

  • Price:

If good quality surveillance is required, branded security cameras should be purchased. To take down their operating costs, the companies charge a good amount of money for their surveillance cameras. Plus, setting up a system can also be expensive as you need to purchase recorders, storage space, wires etc. It has been a real challenge to offer low price range security cameras with high quality.

These are the major challenges faced by the modern video surveillance systems. With advancements in technology, these problems would soon be resolved as well.

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