Seven Important Things you Should Know about Printed Circuit Boards

Since their inception in 1936, printed circuit boards (PCB’s) have evolved and become smaller, faster, and more efficient to assemble than before. But, the technology used to manufacture PCB’s constantly change and evolve as well. Here are factors about printed circuit boards that you may not know yet:

Circuit Boards are Not Just Green

While most PCBs are available in green color, they can be in any color. The color that you see in most boards is of the solder-mask which shows through the glass. But, there are theories about why green is used in making PCBs. For instance, some think that green is the regulation standard for circuit boards when used by the American military from where it spread across the globe. Also, green could be the original solder mask resins’ color which is adopted up to this day based on the convention principle. The truth is makers of China PCB use green as finding faults in trace line is easier.

You can Find PCBs Everywhere

Wherever you have an access to electronics, you also have an access to printed circuit boards. Whether you are using a desktop, tablet, or your phone, you just do not realize those PCBs underneath them that are making them function.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Is Used to Design Circuit Boards

The use of CAD in PCB design allows for nearly seamless and accurate process when designing the circuit’s schematic and layout of the board. Because of this, testing the circuit board is possible before they are made physically.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is Used

Contemporary circuit boards are made using this technology which started to get noticed in the 1980’s. They emerge as a replacement to the through-hole method eliminating the possibility of many errors in terms of PCB fabrication and making processes faster.

There are No Wires in Circuit Boards

Usually, electronic devices make use of wires to transmit energy and electric current. But, circuit boards use a copper traces which transport electrons instead of wires. This makes it possible for them to be available in a smaller size since flat traces do not take plenty of space.

There are Many Components Use

While PCBs are small in size, they make use of a lot of components. Each of these components has their own properties. These components can include capacitors, resistors, fuses, relays, potentiometers, inductors, batteries, diodes and more.

Circuit Boards can be Customized

Providers of circuit boards can offer their clients the ability to order custom-made PCB’s. These boards are made based on their specifications and requirements. Also, PCB fabrication houses offer their clients testing services. Although it is not a requirement to order custom circuit boards, it could help to have a device that is functioning better than standard boards.

Now that you have more knowledge of printed circuit boards than before, you should have understood the importance of getting from an assembler that values quality and customer service.

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