Raise The Stakes With Social Media Marketing Like The Poker Industry

Social media is one of the most popular forms of communication in 2022, and while it’s a more recent advancement, we’ve seen social media grow over the last 20 years.

The use of social media really became mainstream in 2003 with the introduction of MySpace, allowing users to customize their profile pages and connect with anyone across the world. Just a year or so later, we’d see Facebook splash on the scene and pretty much soak up all the users that were on MySpace. At that point, we saw a few social media platforms pop up, such as Imeem, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and tons of other platforms that aren’t as mainstream.

It’s very easy to look at social media and believe it’s just a meme machine where users can communicate sometimes, but businesses are taking full advantage of the features and reach these platforms have. Online poker companies utilize social media to reach customers pulling them into their games successfully. Given the restriction on mainstream advertising gambling companies have to navigate, the use of social media is perhaps more prevalent for iGaming. That is why their strategies can be used as a blueprint for other businesses – they must be robust, forward-thinking and successful simply to compete.

In this article, we’re going to break down how some of these companies leverage social media to improve their reach but also improve their audience retention too.

Brand Exposure

Companies need exposure. That’s why we see an unbelievable amount of ads no matter where we are these days. The majority of us use some form of mobile phone, and being connected to the internet regardless of location makes it easier than ever for companies to get their brand at the forefront. It’s not just about posting appealing ads but also building a degree of trust. As long as a poker company, for instance, is visible, it cements the belief it can be trusted, which builds user connection to the brand. This is exactly what companies want, as that is what spurs people to make purchases and continuously visit their sites or apps. It also pushes people to talk about said company amongst their friends and family to get them on the platform or make a purchase too.

Online Guides

Despite poker being a game and sport that’s been around for a long time, it’s still bringing in new players every day at varying levels of experience. There are plenty of online guides which explain how to win at poker, with others covering strategy and the game basics such as terms and poker variants. Here in 2022, social media has come a long way in the video department allowing users to upload all sorts of videos at a high quality. So you might see a short clip on Twitter summarizing a poker tip, but if you head to that company’s YouTube channel, it’ll lead to a longer video going further in-depth.


When it comes to social media marketing and the customer experience, it’s not just about getting users on your app or website but keeping them there. This is where advertising takes priority because poker sites can pitch events and bonuses to their users and newcomers looking for an entry point to their platform. We see this all the time, especially with the holiday season coming up when poker companies will begin advertising their events and most likely try to bring in users by offering bonuses for wins or even just for participating. Once you’ve found your target audience, advertising is key to making sure they don’t get lost in the endless options of other poker apps that exist today.

Customer Support

Remember back in the day when if you wanted any version of customer support, you had to either hop on the phone and call customer support or actually go to the establishment to get your service? That’s no more with social media, as most companies will create separate accounts specifically for customer support. This is perfect for poker companies, especially with so many users playing online; social media makes it easy for both parties to communicate quickly back and forth. Social media means there’s no line to wait in and no dial tone to get when you call and get the busy signal.

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