Mistakes To Avoid When Playing Block Puzzle Games

Puzzles games are among the most interesting and fun games out there. If you are looking for a game that can tease your mind and keep it in good shape or keep boredom at bay, then it has to be a puzzle game. Puzzle games have been around for the longest time. And they are continuing to gain popularity because gamers can now play any puzzle game of their choice whether it is a block game puzzle or cross number puzzle on their smartphones or tablets.

However, for you to make a perfect puzzle and increase your score, there are certain mistakes you need to avoid. Here are some of the mistakes to avoid when playing a puzzle game.

  • Trying to guess

It can be pretty tempting to place a block when there is a strong belief that it will offer a solution, even if you cannot find a logical reason behind it. But a wrong guess can make a puzzle quite impossible to solve. In most cases, the mistake only becomes apparent at the end of the game. That means all the effort and time spent playing the game will be in vain. Most puzzle games such as block games do not require guessing to play.

  • Failing to plan your move

You may find yourself getting too occupied in the game trying to clear rows and columns by mindlessly placing the blocks as they come. Unfortunately, by doing this, you could end up with a block that does not fit anywhere or leave several blank squares where no other block can fit.

If you want to play your block puzzle game and achieve a higher score, you need some proper planning. Planning your moves in advance and staying three blocks ahead can get you going before the timer ends. The best way to go about this is to view three blocks in the block puzzle game, with the new set of three blocks that appears once you have placed all the blocks from the previous set. This leaves a good chance for you to plan your moves in advance and place the blocks effectively to clear maximum cells.

  • Not leaving space for the 3×3 square piece

The abrupt appearance of the 3×3 block can sometimes kill your game. You should always keep in mind when playing your block puzzle and remember to leave space for them if you don’t want your game to end. The key thing is to always create space, and not fill space. Clearing cells to place more blocks can help you increase your score. That’s why you should never fail to leave a 9-square room for the 3×3 blocks.

Final Thoughts

Playing block puzzle games can be very fun and interesting. By completing the game, you will enjoy some sense of satisfaction and feel proud of yourself. But you can only achieve that if you avoid making the mistakes mentioned above.

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